Rikki's Refuge Book

Rikki's Refuge is a loving and peaceful animal sanctuary located in Orange, Virgina. The refuge is currently home to more than 1,200 rescued animals of over 20 different species; including cats, dogs, sheep, goats, pigs, emus, chickens, geese, cows and guinea pigs.

I recently collaborated with Rikki's Refuge to create a photography book of their rescued animals to help raise awareness and funds for their continuous care. My two cats were fostered by Rikki's volunteers and I've longed to give back to the amazing place that gave me so much! This fundraising idea was inspired by my deep love of animals and the photography book showcases the wonderful animals that call Rikki's Refuge home:

Preview & Purchase: SOFTCOVER BOOK EDITION ($30)
(7x7 inch square book with glossy softcover)

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I am extremely proud of this project and thrilled to share it with you! Please continue reading to learn more about the book and my journey.

Rikki's Refuge is a magical place for animal lovers because it exists solely to care for any animal in need of a nurturing home.

I first learned of Rikki's Refuge in 2007 when I adopted my cat, Wylie, at one of their adoption events in Arlington. I was so impressed with the caring and knowledgeable volunteers that I didn't hesitate to return to Rikki's two years later to adopt my second cat, Sami.

My cats are my heart and my family...and everyday I am grateful to Rikki's, and their volunteers, for rescuing and caring for them when they were in need. And I have spent much of the past seven years thinking about how to give back to the amazing place that gave me so much.

Last year I resigned from my corporate job to follow my heart and combine my passions for animals, photography and philanthropy. Soon after making that decision, I began to fulfill this dream by creating a photography book to help support Rikki's Refuge.

I spent many days photographing at the sanctuary last fall and I treasure every single minute I was able to spend with the animals - especially as a human cat toy anytime I got close enough to the ground!! Rikki's is a magical and peaceful place filled with amazing, loving animals and I never wanted to leave at the end of the day!

My hope is that these feelings of magic and peace are visible in the pages of my book and transport you to the grounds of Rikki's Refuge!

Self-publishing a book is never easy (or inexpensive) and I am so pleased that the majority of proceeds from each purchase will go directly to Rikki's to help fund the continuous care for all their animals!

Thank you for taking the time to read my story - this book project is a dream come true and I look forward to creating more books for Rikki's and other animal non-profits!

All the best,