Design Samples

Logo and Postcard Design:
The following logo was designed to visually convey the mission behind The Gratitude Project™, which is an initiative that encourages people to take notice of what they are grateful for. The design will also be used on a take-away postcard that encourages the recipient to pay it forward and share their gratitude with someone special.

Marketing Postcards for Book Project:
The following postcards were designed to promote the photography book project "Rikki's Refuge: For The Love of Animals", by showcasing some of the beautiful animals which were featured within the book's pages.

Logo Design:
Live Love Life Now™ originated as my personal mantra and later transformed into the name of my business. With so much personal meaning behind the message, it was a labor of love to design the logo. I am thrilled with the end result, most especially the element of the exclamation point which adds just the right amount of support and emphasis to the importance of living in the NOW!