What Are You Grateful For?

Welcome to Live Love Life Now™ and The Gratitude Project!

So often our daily focus is on what we think is missing from our lives, rather than celebrating the blessings we already have.

The Gratitude Project (TGP) is an online initiative that aims to shift the conversation and encourages people to inspire and connect with one another around what they are grateful for with fun portraits!


The Gratitude Project lives online in the photos that are posted to our Instagram account.

The only requirement for the photographs is that YOU are in it, along with one of our TGP bubbles (seen in the photo above).

If you need a bubble - click here to download and print off your own. Then enjoy a little arts and crafts time to cut it out!

The file comes with three bubbles total so you can share with family and friends if so inspired.

TIP: There is a front and back to the bubble so choose double-sided printing!


Don't have an Instagram account of your own? Not to worry, you can still participate by sending your photo to jenn@livelovelifenow.com and it will get uploaded for you!


Thanks and "see" you soon!